YOKOHAMA CIRCULAR DESIGN MUSEUM is a mobile museum that provides fun experiences in circular and sustainable living. The theme of the exhibition is “PLAYFUL CIRCULARITY.” You will encounter a wide variety of unique up-cycled items, artwork made from waste materials, locally made food, and other products and services that are sophisticated and beautifully designed.




Experience a circular lifestyle as if it were play.
Grasp the importance of resources while playing.
Discover the grace of Yokohama through the circulation.

Welcome to YOKOHAMA CIRCULAR DESIGN MUSEUM with greater excitement and style!
Enjoy the exhilarating world of Yokohama’s circular design.

Products and Artworks

Circular Gacha

circular gacha

The “Circulation Gacha ” is a capsule toy machine that can be played by inserting plastic bottle caps instead of coins, for experiencing regional and resource circulation while playing.(provided by:fab Lab Minatomirai(Kanagawa University))

WE21 Japan

we21 japan ginger powder and cookies

“WE21 Japan” is a non-profit organization that promotes the circular society and international cooperation through secondhand shops “WE Shop” and fair trading business.(produced by:WE21 Japan)

Up-cycled stick

up-cycled hockey stick

Up-cycled stick is an official merchandise of the Yokohama GRITS ice hockey team, made from up-cycled field hockey sticks.
(Produced by GRITS Sports Innovators)


honey from Hachi-iku project

“Hachi-iku” is an environmental educational program. Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd. encourages people to think about local environmental conservation through safe and secure beekeeping that does not use pesticides.(Produced by Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd.)



“Coco&K.” is a fair trading brand that imports and sells bags and accessories made from locally up-cycled juice packs discarded in the Philippines.(Produced by Cocoro International Inc.)

Craft Beer Paper

craft beer paper

“Craft Beer Paper” is a craft paper locally made in Yokohama, made by kneading malt lees discarded in the Yokohama beer brewing process, which is tear-resistant and printable.(Produced by kitafuku Inc.)

Recycled Bag

recycled bag
The recycled bags are made from discarded copy paper wrappers from the school’s printing room and scraps from the production of socks at the socks manufacturer, which are all hand-crafted by students.(Produced by Kanazawa School for Special Needs Education)

Kanazawa Hachimi

Kanazawa Hachimi

“Kanazawa Hachimi” is the seasoning made from local ingredients, created through a community-participatory, circular project that is made from chili peppers grown in eelgrass compost and eight different local ingredients.(Produced by SDGs Yokohama Kanazawa Living Lab)



“buøy” is an interior goods brand that transforms marine plastic into beautiful crafts, created for raising the question of the way of using plastic on a daily basis.(Produced by Techno-Labo Co., Ltd.)

Black Ships Soap

Black Ships Soap

Black Ships Soap is created by elementary school students in Yokohama, with the cooperation of local enterprises to promote the local community and local consumption to save the environment and health.(Produced by Segasaki Elementary School)

Yomigaeri & Yomigirl


“Yomigaeri & Yomigirl” are cotton gloves made from recycled old clothes by Nakano Co., Ltd., the company that recycles and reuses old textiles from Yokohama households. (Produced by Nakano Co., Ltd.)

Yokohama Reuse Bin Project

reusable bottles

Yokohama Reuse Bin Project is a community-based environmental conservation project with the themes of “local circulation” and “​​locally-produced and locally-consumed”. (Produced by Yokohama City Resource Recycling Business Cooperative)

SDGs Straw Yokohama

wooden straws

SDGs Straw Yokohama is a wooden straw made by people with disabilities using thinned wood from the water source forest in Doushi Village, the origin of water coming to Yokohama. (Produced by: YOKOHAMA SDGs Design Center)

Kankara Sanshin


Kankara Sanshin is a handmade stringed instrument made from empty candy cans and other materials, created by “Kotobuki Collaborative Space”, a community development base in Kotobuki in Yokohama, and its residents.(Produced by Kotobuki Collaborative Space)

Shonan Eco Project

Shonan Eco Project

Shonan Eco Project is an initiative to promote correct knowledge and understanding of plastic resources, who play a key role in recycling, and to create opportunities to take action for everyone in a fun way. (Produced by Shonan Trading Co., Ltd)

Up-cycled coffee grounds art

art works drew with coffee ground

Upcycled artwork using coffee grounds created by Shinichi Nakata, an art teacher at Mitakedai Junior High School in Yokohama, who also works as a Japanese-style painter and sculptor. (Produced by Shinichi Nakata)

Kururi Works

ear accessories

Kururi Works a studio based in Kanazawa ward. It makes objects that would otherwise be thrown away reborn into new items with various ideas of “Kururi(turn around)” through production and workshops. (Produced by TAKEMATSU SHOJI Co., Ltd.)


“SEYANISHI SDGs PROJECT” is a series of 16 projects with the goals of the SDGs, conducted by Seyanishi High School in collaboration with enterprises, farmers, non-profit organizations, and local markets in Yokohama. (Produced by Seyanishi High School)

Pruned branches’ skewer and coaster

Pruning plants is essential to protect the health of green. Ishii Zouen Landscape efforts to utilize pruned branches as interior goods which make us enjoy the garden even from inside.(produced by Ishii Zouen Landscape Co., Ltd.)

Equipments and Furnitures

Solar Table


The solar table is made of discarded solar panels provided by “solar crew,” which is the sharing platform for the community development through DIY renovation experience of vacant houses.(Produced by: Solar Crew Inc.)

PET bottle cap table

The table made of 6,000 plastic bottle caps. The tabletop, with its beautiful white marble pattern, and even the legs are made entirely from bottle caps. (Produced by: Shonan Trading Co., Ltd)

Special Thanks

YADOKARI Co. Ltd. / Shonan Trading Co., Ltd / kitafuku Inc. / Fablab MinatoMirai (Kanagawa University) / Takematsu Shoji CO., Ltd. / Nakano Co., Ltd. / hamandarina / Kanazawa School for Special Needs Education / Techno-Labo Co., Ltd. / Yokohama City Resource Recycling Business Cooperative / YOKOHAMA SDGs Design Center / Seya-Nishi Senior High School / Segasaki Elementary School / Shinichi Nakata (artist) / Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd. / Yokohama Ryokuchi CO., Ltd. / Hama no yatai project / Ishii Zouen Landscape Co., Ltd. / Ohkawa Printing Co., Ltd. / Cocoro International Inc. / Sotetsu Urban Creates Co., Ltd. / Sotetsu Building Management Co., Ltd. / Solar Crew Inc. / YOKOHAMA Community Design Lab


Opening Hours Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 1PM-5PM
Regular Holidays Wednesdays, Weekends, National Holidays
Venue qlaytion gallery at Hoshiten qlay (Hoshikawa Station 2nd floor)
Adress HOSHITEN qlay #B-2-7, 1-1, Hoshikawa 1-Chōme
Hodogaya, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Japan 240-0006
Access 1 minute walk from Hoshikawa Station


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