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Accelerating the Circular Economy in Yokohama



  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2022/12/21
Circular Yokohama will be holding a mobile museum, YOKOHAMA CIRCULAR DESIGN MUSEUM. It will exhibit from 10-13 January at LUMINE Yokohama, displaying various products linked with Yokohama’s circular economy. This comes together with the collaboration with LOCAL GOOD YOKOHAMA, an organization promoting circular lifestyles through social good, to hold the “LOCAL GOOD DAY!” event. LOCAL […]
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[Monthly Update: November, 2022] Wrapping Up the Brilliant Year!

  • Posted by 室井梨那(Rina Muroi)
  • On 2022/12/14
Happy holidays! We hope you are having a cozy and wonderful winter season wherever you are. Circular Yokohama has started rapping up 2022 as the calendar tells us to do so. Here are the things we went through in the past November. Collaboration with the “SEYANISHI SDGs PROJECT” by Seyanishi High School Seyanishi high school, […]
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Circular Yokohama held an event “Yokohama Circular Future Sessions”

  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2022/11/17
Circular Yokohama, Harch’s online platform that aims to promote the circular economy in Yokohama, participated in a talk event titled “Yokohama Circular Future Sessions” on October 22nd. *This event was planned as part of “Yokohama Joint Development Exhibition 2022 (in Japanese)” held at Yokohama City Hall from October 21st to 28th. News Points Fourteen organizations gathered […]
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[Monthly Update: October, 2022] Being “Local Good Player” Brings Many Delightful and Exciting Opportunities

  • Posted by 室井梨那(Rina Muroi)
  • On 2022/11/11
We feel the winter is coming here in Japan. The past October brought us a lot of joy and excitement. We will walk you through our delightful moments! Local festival “HOSHITEN FAIR 2022 PLAY!! HOSHITEN!!” We joined Yokohama’s local festival, “HOSHITEN FAIR 2022 PLAY!! HOSHITEN!!” on 9 October. The event was held by the railway […]
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Circular Yokohama participated in event “Hoshiten Fair 2022 PLAY!! HOSHITEN!!”

  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2022/10/27
Circular Yokohama participated in the event “Hoshiten Fair 2022 PLAY!! HOSHITEN!!” which was held in front of Tennocho Station on the Sotetsu Line in Yokohama. Workshops and markets where visitors could enjoy the charms of the Hoshiten Area “Hoshiten Fair 2022 PLAY!! HOSHITEN!!” is a fair where visitors could enjoy the charm of the area […]
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[Monthly Update: September, 2022] Circular Design Sprint Gives Us a Question “Does material have to be material?”

  • Posted by 室井梨那(Rina Muroi)
  • On 2022/10/18
The weather is getting colder day by day here in Yokohama, Japan. In September, we updated our collaboration with Kanagawa University. Here is the detail of the current and exciting project. Circular Design Sprint @UK Circular Design Sprint is a 3-day activity that aims to acquire circular design systems and thinking, presented by 「IDEAS FOR […]
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New Project Added: Shonan Eco Project

  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2022/9/21
We have added a new circular project “Shonan Eco Project” in our database. Shonan Trading offers a physical experience of plastic recycling. It helps widen environmental awareness by pedaling, melting, and creating up-cycled products with your own hands. For more information, check the project page with the link down below.
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“Circular Economy in Europe: Policy and Case Study Report 2022” now on sale

  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2022/9/16
Harch Europe has begun selling its “Circular Economy in Europe: Policy and Case Study Report 2022” from August 17th, 2022. Report background and objectives The world has seen many incidents in the past few years, from the Novel Covid-19 that spreads through the world in the blink of an eye from December 2019, to the […]
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[Monthly Update: August, 2022] We Not Only Care about the Local Economy But Also about the Global Economy

  • Posted by 室井梨那(Rina Muroi)
  • On 2022/9/6
Hello, Autumn! We have four months left in 2022. How fast time flies. Here are the new collaborations we entered in August! The latest episode of Zen Waves × Circular Yokohama collaboration Zenbird, an online magazine with a unique editorial focus on sustainable innovation and ethical lifestyle, has the podcast channel “Zen Waves, Good Vibrations […]
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What is Circular Yokohama?

Circular Yokohama is an online platform to accelerate the circular economy in Yokohama city. We aim to solve various local issues, create new job opportunities and achieve a thriving community by shedding light on goods, services and personal skills that have been overlooked in a conventional linear economy and making a transition towards circular economy.



AppliQué is an apparel brand that collects cloth pieces and upcycles them into bags and other things by their hands and sells them online. “Meguru Nuno Ichi” is their new project started in June 2020.


Ikasa is an umbrella sharing service that allows users to borrow and return umbrellas at the umbrella spots quickly. Ikasa’s umbrellas are durable and repairable, which helps to reduce the number of disposable umbrellas.


The shared office built with thinned wood Yamakita machi in Kanagawa Prefecture. The office is based in the co-working space “mass x mass” in Naka-Ku, Yokohama, and is expanding to other areas.


Coco&K. imports lovely, eco-minded, fairtrade bags from the Philippines. The products are up-cycled from discarded aluminum juice packages. It helps the locals live independently and keeps the environment clean.


Aquaponics is a system of “circular organic agriculture” that crosses hydroponics and aquaculture. It minimizes resource circulation and promotes local consumption to rvitalize local communities.

Zero Ring

“Zero Ring” is a project to circulate takeout bento boxes in the Minato Mirai area. The project aims to solve the problem of disposable containers waste by reusing takeout containers and make mealtime fancy and enjoyable.

Discover the Circular Economy from Yokohama


Discover the Circular Economy from Yokohama


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