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Accelerating the Circular Economy in Yokohama


Think about the future of Yokohama with Donut Economics [Experience Report]

  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2022/1/24
On March 20, 2021, we held a workshop on Donut Economics at the Kotobuki Collaborative Space in Naka Ward, Yokohama. 11 participants discussed the future of Yokohama using the concept of Donut Economics with them. This article is an abstract for the workshop. *This event is part of Circular Economy Plus School, which is organized […]
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  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2022/1/24
We have added a new circular project “MAGO GALLERY YOKOHAMA” in our database. MAGO GALLERY YOKOHAMA The exclusive gallery of Nagasaka Shingo, a pioneer of sustainable art. The gallery displays artworks and other items created by recycling e-waste dumped in the slums of Ghana. Their business model connects developed and developing countries and circulates waste. […]
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Can DX be a solution to the problem with plastic containers? [Experience Report]

  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2022/1/5
On March 13, 2021, we held an idea-thon online under the topic of “Circular Economy and Digital Transformation (DX).” This time we specifically focused on the issue of plastic takeout containers and discussed how we could circulate the containers instead of wasting them. *This event is part of Circular Economy Plus School, which is organized […]
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Circular Yokohama enters into agreement to promote the circular economy through Living Lab

  • Posted by Rina
  • On 2021/12/24
Circular Yokohama has entered into an agreement with Yokohama City, Yokohama Living Lab Support Office (Representative Director: Yuki Kawahara) and Yokohama Community Design Lab (Representative Directors: Yuki Sugiura and Yuka Mori). The agreement is to promote the circular economy by a public-private partnership through the Living Labs in Yokohama. It aims to contribute to the […]
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How can we make a business more sustainable? Find out the way with haishop [Experience Report]

  • Posted by Circular Yokohama Editorial Team
  • On 2021/12/22
On Saturday, March 6, 2021, we held an idea-thon with Hideaki Omote and Nao Wada from Innovation Design, Inc. They run a sustainable souvenir shop and cafe, “haishop,” in Bashamichi, Yokohama. This idea-thon is to solve issues through running circular businesses and local services. The main topic was “Circular Economy and Startups.” We shared the […]
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How haishop is turning Japan’s souvenir culture into a force for good

  • Posted by Rina
  • On 2021/12/20
Choosing a gift for someone or buying a treat for yourself from time to time is delightful. What if that shopping is sustainable or contributes to realizing a better society? Wouldn’t it be even more fulfilling? Today, we are at a point where products have diverse features that it is difficult to differentiate one washing […]
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haishop cafe releases four new vegan dishes

  • Posted by Rina
  • On 2021/12/14
haishop cafe, located in Minato Mirai, Yokohama, has released four new vegan dishes for their menu. From today onwards, 80% of their menu will be renewed into a vegan menu. This move is to promote food with less environmental impact and food diversity.   Besides those four dishes, Vegan burger with soy meat, Vegan dan […]
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New Project Added: FOOD LOOP

  • Posted by Rina
  • On 2021/12/3
We have added a new circular project “FOOD LOOP” in our database. FOOD LOOP is a project to recycle food waste run by Yokohama Beer. To create a recycling loop, they compost the malt and other food waste, grow vegetables, and serve them at the restaurant. For more information, check the project page on this […]
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What is Circular Yokohama?

Circular Yokohama is an online platform to accelerate the circular economy in Yokohama city. We aim to solve various local issues, create new job opportunities and achieve a thriving community by shedding light on goods, services and personal skills that have been overlooked in a conventional linear economy and making a transition towards circular economy.



AppliQué is an apparel brand that collects cloth pieces and upcycles them into bags and other things by their hands and sells them online. “Meguru Nuno Ichi” is their new project started in June 2020.


Ikasa is an umbrella sharing service that allows users to borrow and return umbrellas at the umbrella spots quickly. Ikasa’s umbrellas are durable and repairable, which helps to reduce the number of disposable umbrellas.


The shared office built with thinned wood Yamakita machi in Kanagawa Prefecture. The office is based in the co-working space “mass x mass” in Naka-Ku, Yokohama, and is expanding to other areas.


Coco&K. imports lovely, eco-minded, fairtrade bags from the Philippines. The products are up-cycled from discarded aluminum juice packages. It helps the locals live independently and keeps the environment clean.


Aquaponics is a system of “circular organic agriculture” that crosses hydroponics and aquaculture. It minimizes resource circulation and promotes local consumption to rvitalize local communities.

Zero Ring

“Zero Ring” is a project to circulate takeout bento boxes in the Minato Mirai area. The project aims to solve the problem of disposable containers waste by reusing takeout containers and make mealtime fancy and enjoyable.


Where can you find the circular economy in Yokohama? Explore the map!