AppliQué is an apparel brand. They collect pieces of used cloth and upcycle them into bags and other things. Although they have been selling those items online since they started their brand in 2017, Covid-19 prevents them from continuing their business because they cannot get together and hand-make their products even though the amount of used cloth is still increasing during the pandemic.

Then, AppliQué started a new outlet market called “Meguru Nuno Ichi (Circular cloth Market)” in June 2020. The concept of Meguru Nuno Ichi is to connect waste and joy. Instead of producing new products from used cloth, they attempt to sell cloth so that people can sew and hand-craft on their own during the quarantine time.

What Makes the Project Circular

1.Recycle used cloth

The recycling rate of clothes is only 12% globally, and so is it in Japan. It seems rare to sell used cloth itself, but AppliQué found a need that had never been focused.

2.Create new connections between people

Some people are into hand-craft from used cloth and other used things. Meguru Nuno Ichi offers them an opportunity to get to know other people who have the same hobbies and interests.

3.Utilize used cloth in the best way

Many companies collect used clothes and cloth, but why do people choose AppliQué? Because that customer has a trust toward AppliQué, AppliQué knows the best way to utilize used things.

Project Overview

Organization NPO Morinooto
Category CO-OP
Introduced June, 2020
Address 818-3, Kamochidacho, Aoba-Ku, Yokohama-Shi, Kanagawa
Japan 227-0033
Contact TEL:(+81) 45-532-6941